Looking for Canada Postcanada-post-mailman

I found this on the site of the world’s largest postcard bookstore in Parry Sound, an appealing moment of nostalgia after time spent tracking links from a Wikipedia reference to “Canada Postal Guide — Glossary” that was archived from “the original” on 2007-08-25 [and] “Retrieved 2006-10-08” that then led to a notice from the “Internet Archive Wayback Machine” with “404 File Not Found”.

There was however an active link to Canada Post, with a lengthy entertaining and enlightening history, beginning with its founding way back in 1867 to the most recent entry: the projected abolition of home delivery of letterpost.

“Sorry . . .Nous nous excusons . . .il est possible que la page [le service?] n’existe plus”

Here a song comes to mind: Edith Piaf singing “Ne me quitte pas,” my new Canada Post theme song? (malheureusement on  ne peut pas la chanter comme Piaf. ( pour écouter La Môme

. . . .the words to the first verse of the song seem appropriate:

Ne me quitte pas/Il faut oublier/Tout peut s’oublier/Qui s’enfuit deja/Oublier le temps/Des malentendus/Et le temps perdu/A savoir comment/Oublier ces heures/Qui tuaient parfois/A coups de pourquoi/Le coeur du bonheur/Ne me quitte pas

Then a sign of life: at least on the  Canada Post dead site a.k.a. the original “You can search our site using the Search feature below” and “browse from one of the home pages below.”


Personal — “The Post Office is as close as your computer. Send, receive and shop in one convenient place.”

Business — “Tools to ship, prepare mailings, and market with Direct mail.”

About Us — “News, careers and Community Involvement.”

Today’s choice (being a Person ((legally, re Canada’s 1929 Persons Act)): Personal. The curious can find these options: a click-able icon for ePost; another advertising items for purchase from Canada Post, namely solid silver coins for collectors, a USB key, OR a framed print of one of the Motorcycle special issue stamps, the 1914 “INDIAN “HENDEE SPECIAL” FOR $179.95.

Canada Post information about Stamp Collecting available only from a Facebook link. The Face of Canada Post.

In small small print at the bottom of the site are other links to explore including News Releases, Careers, Social Responsibility, Postal Transformation, In the Community, and Important Announcements.

O Curiosity thy name is letter-writer!

This Pandora’s [Post] box yet to be opened, its nested enticements reminding the Letter-Writer of the structure of Mary Shelley’s novel, Frankenstein or the Modern Prometheus (a future post).